10/16 - Isabel is taking a week off. We'll see you next week. I shall entertain you with stories and anecdotes starting tomorrow.
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Oct 14th, 2017 - [24]Adult Supervision Required #24
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ND Unlimited News

10.17.2017 - Terrence Marks:
A while back I mentioned my Magikarp Used Splash ribbons at Anime LA. Why didn't we make Nicole and Derek ribbons? Becuase this was our first time doing it and we wanted to get a feel for it. I wasn't sure people would be interested in them. Turns out you can give out ribbons for anything. I've got a few I don't know what they're about, but I'm glad to have them. I could've made ribbons that said "Mike's Dry Cleaning" and if I were giving them out for free, maybe five people out of a hundred would've asked what it was about. There's people there with ribbon chains forty feet long. Ribbons are two inches tall. You don't get to forty feet of them by being choosy.

One of the things I've learned over the years, though, is that a reference is fun when it's shared. Unlike Minerva was me just throwing out whatever amused me at the time, whether it was a forty-year-old Li'l Abner storyline or a song by a band that nobody else ever heard of. It didn't always make much sense because of that. There are one or two references in there that I don't understand any more, and I wrote them. Mystery Science Theater 3000 taught me to put a joke in because the right people would get it. And that's better advice when you're throwing five jokes a minute for two hours than it is when you've got three to six panels a day.

So, my point is that when I hand a ribbon out, I want the reaction to be "Oh, cool! I like that thing too", rather than "I have no idea what Los Shakers is, but I'm glad I have another ribbon". And while I think that Uruguay's answer to The Beatles is one of the best bands ever, I don't expect the anime con crowd to share my enthusiasm for them. I don't expect anyone else to share my enthusiasm for them. So as much as I like The Loud Family, or Cross Game, or Clerks: The Animated Series, I'm not sure how well-recognized they'd be by the youth of today.

That was one of the reasons why I decided to go with "Magikarp used Splash!". Pokemon has brand cachet. It's been around a while. Kids these days recognize it.

Isabel keeps having to shoot down my ideas for next year's badges or make them more accessible because of that. Like while Isabel and I repeat phrases from Clerks: The Animated Series to each other, it originally only ran for two episodes, so a Bear Who Drive Car reference might go over peoples' heads. Or not doing a WarioWare ribbon since there hasn't been a real WarioWare game in eight years and the first one is older than some of the attendees; we try not to think too hard about exactly how old our old favorite series are.

So we were walking down a hallway at the con. I was talking about how I shouldn't do The World Ends With You ribbons, since nobody remembers that game anymore. And two separate passersby mentioned that they loved TWEWY and would totally want ribbons of it. Funny how things go.

We'll almost certainly do it again next year. Need to think about what kind of ribbons we'll make and how we'll give them out.
09.25.2017 - Isabel Marks:
Hi! We've got some Life Things coming up. Good things, but as a result, we've got two weeks of N&D Asks coming at you! I wanted to work ahead and write something a bit more involved, but I'm not as young as I used to be and it's hard for me to wear two hats sometimes.
So enjoy! What is everybody wearing to the dance? You'll find out! Regular comics will resume on October 9.
08.29.2017 - Terrence Marks:
When last we updated the news, we mentioned Life Things. What did we mean by that?

Mainly, we moved! We're now in a slightly different part of Southern California. Not the most dramatic change-up (like moving from Hippedown to Sherup, for instance), but buying a house, packing, moving, and unpacking has taken up a whole lot of our time lately. There is no "done and settled down". Things are a whole lot more habitable than they were on day one, but there's still so much to do. So if we've been a little behind on site maintenance, that's why. (Why haven't we had more comics about Brisbane and Kimberly moving? Because we like our characters. Really. And they have a pre-furnished rental. And they had a lot more hired help than we did.)

Also, we've got a new PO Box - the new address is:
Terrence and Isabel Marks
PO Box 2111
San Bernardino, CA 92406

The old PO Box will be operable at least through the end of the year.

Additionally, we've got some changes to NamirDeiter.net and our Patreon - if you support the comic through one, you get access to the other! Why? Because we think it's awesome when people support the comic and want everyone to have cool bonus stuff. So if you support us through Patreon, we have set you up with a NamirDeiter.net account. And if you support us through NamirDeiter.net, there's now a Patreon Sketches tab, with all our comics-in-progress sketches from Patreon! And NamirDeiter.net donors can request we draw them a thing! (One-character black and white sketch. Work-safe. Has to be either your character or one of mine. I have the right to veto).

So we're here! We're a bit more settled in than we were yesterday! And comics!
07.18.2017 - Terrence Marks:
We've got some Life Things coming up in the near future. Good things. But Life Things take up time. So we're going to have a week of Nicole and Derek Asks coming up. Please send in your questions. Especially anything related to the last few chapters.
06.30.2017 - Terrence Marks:
We have a Patreon! Gets you access to in-progress sketches of the comic and a digital sketch from Isabel! Today is the last day to sign up to get your sketch in July! (rules: black and white. One character - yours or ours. Safe for work. And she reserves the right to veto if it worries her.
This is separate from NamirDeiter.net, which has daily sketches, comic commentary, hundreds of bonus comics, free comic books, and more.
So, today's image? It's the first draft of the cover of Namir Deiter Year 3, Have Kitten, Will Travel. We never ended up making the book, for a few reasons - including that most of the high resolution files had been lost over the years. But we were going

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